Third Times The Charm: Dramsmit Childrens Mysteries

A story of witchcraft, family bonds, and a search for the truth.

Employing classic traditions and motifs of childhood fantasy, Robert Howell takes the simple premise of the orphan in search of family and love and spins a fresh and entertaining tale of family honor and witchcraft. The fates of Sharron, Wally and Chip are bound by their family’s murky history when they find themselves united as strangers in the house of their great aunt Abadelle. Discovering their connection to an ancient witching family, they are soon practicing magic, and learning the spells they will need to save themselves and their family name.

In a spell-binding quest combining a fascination with magic, a bit of sleuthing, and the charm of adolescent antics the three apprentices bring a unique slant to historical witch-hunts. The estranged orphans protected only by their great aunt Abadelle and their newly emerging powers, want their place in one of the most powerful and esteemed witch families; the Dramsmits, but their transformation from lost waifs into upper class gentry, with its benefits of a regal manor and servants, comes with new responsibilities and frightening challenges.

Charged with protecting their arcane lineage from the dark forces that murdered their parents and grandmother, Sharron, Wally and Chip must learn how to control their fledgling powers and balance the desire for revenge with the honor that has become their familial bond.

This is the first book in an exciting series that combines the mystery solving of the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew series, with the magic of Harry Potter. Follow their adventures as they use their new found spell casting powers with their uncanny sleuthing abilities to solve supernatural mysteries.