Faithless: a memoir of life in a northern town

This is no ordinary parish, and no ordinary priest – a true story of poverty, haunting, exorcism, birth, death and murder.

Seth was a priest. He served for 10 years and 163 days. Then he decided to die.

“Have you ever questioned whether you are doing the right thing?”

Beginning with his bungled suicide attempt, Faithless charts the incidents within Seth’s ministry that led him to that point.

From dealing with a cult leader to performing exorcisms in haunted houses, Seth has seen the unimaginable. He has escaped from the clutches of a man who showed signs of being possessed and helped rebuild families after unthinkable tragedy.

These incidents in his life have one common thread. A young man struggling to find the right thing to do in some of the most desperate situations. All the time, his once boundless faith was dwindling. Will Seth be forced to take a different path?