Scaling Confusion: Multiple Agile Teams Working Towards the Same Goal by Chris Lewis

Welcome to book number seven in the Carnsa Development semi-fictional series. This story considers when ‘Scaling-Up’ how to support multiple Agile teams working together on a single product. Supportive frameworks are highlighted to help dependencies across teams manage and deliver value, quality and predictability.

Note: To better understand the concepts presented, it will be useful to have been exposed to Agile concepts such as Scrum and user stories.

Perhaps one or more of the following scenarios are familiar to you or your team:

Want to coordinate with other teams on the same service?
Want to coordinate with other teams on the same product?
Do you want an idea of some things to consider when scaling up with Agile?
Join the Carnsa family to explore, with a quiz to test your knowledge and a summary to continue your learning journey. In this story, the Carnsa family apply Agile at scale to an out-of-office scenario – a global family reunion! Share their experiences that perhaps may also help you on your scaling journey.