This novel, ANCIENT GODS: EMERGENCE, is “an exciting fictional world loaded with tons of conflict and action!”

A brilliant and troubled Egyptologist possessed by the spirit of an ancient godlike extraterrestrial learns that an evil race of shape-shifting aliens has secretly invaded Earth. She sets out to use her newfound transcendent powers to save our future and humanity.

Twelve thousand years ago, the DIVOCS, shape-shifting celestial beings, trapped ATHOR, a godlike extraterrestrial, under the GIZA plateau. After a massive earthquake strikes EGYPT, DEBORAH BROCKTON, a brilliant and troubled Egyptologist, and WALTER SMIRNOFF, a nefarious DNA Scientist, seize the opportunity to explore the chambers underneath GIZA to obtain extraterrestrial DNA. Deborah encounters ATHOR. The otherworldly powers of ATHOR overwhelm Deborah. Deborah falls and becomes temporarily unconscious. Later, she and Walter escape, run for their lives, and weaponized robotic scarabs chase them as they exit the Great Pyramid of Giza towards an awaiting military helicopter.

In failing health and at the hospital, Deborah slips in and out of consciousness. When she awakens, she struggles to communicate with her parents: KELLY BROCKTON, a United States Senator, and JOEY BROCKTON, Director, Global Intelligence Agency. Joey, Deborah’s dad, quietly whispers to Deborah, “the two guards at the entrance to the Pyramid are dead.” DIVOCS, shape-shifting aliens disguised as police officers, violently confront Deborah. Deborah transforms into ATHOR, glowing with white-hot energy, and levitates. Everyone in the hospital room panics and cringes in terror. ATHOR escapes the hospital room by shattering the window and floating one-hundred feet to the street below.

…”Truly exceptional, ambitious, and well thought out… I’m impressed by the world-building and the version of Earth you have created… and it has a ton of potential to be beautiful, poignant, and visually stunning. Your reference to Egyptian mythology and the creation of an alien race shows the breadth of your knowledge and creativity.”

“Great. Your vivid imagination shone through on the page with your detailed imagery of the alien world hiding amongst us.”

Associate Producer at a company built by the inventive minds behind Disney’s THE LION KING, BEAUTY, AND THE BEAST, THE LITTLE MERMAID. “I think you have written a fun and compelling adventure series for all ages.”

An award-winning writer for a family television series and in TV development, production, and film marketing, “you have an excellent hook with the ancient alien link. The rumored ET influence from that period is something crying out for a screen adaptation!”

A TV and film producer who worked on network television programs “an epic, mythology-rich story that will find a dedicated sci-fi audience. It harkens back to the glory days of THE X-FILES.”