A miracle drug promising to cure mental illness. A medical trial taken over by the government. Three people fighting for their lives, and the future of humanity
One in five adults suffers from mental health problems. For Candice Williams, it’s depression and anxiety. On the good days, she can manage a normal existence, but on the bad days, she just wishes for it to end. When she hears the radio commercial for PsyConics, a pharmaceutical company offering a paid six-week trial for a new medicine promising to eliminate mental health issues across the board, something compels her to reach out. It seems like a chance to take back control of her life. It also seems too good to be true.
As the trial progresses, it becomes apparent the drug the three patients have been taking is working better than anyone could have expected. So well, in fact, it draws the attention of the government. Now, the trial has changed from a warm, welcoming environment hoping to enhance their lives to a cold, torturous testing cycle meant to exploit their newfound abilities. Abilities that could change the course of human evolution.
It becomes a race against time to escape the grips of the new regime, as Candice and the others battle against an uncaring captor while also trying to harness and understand their new abilities. If they fail, the fate of the world may change forever…