Her Bitter Release

A casual encounter in Cape Town spawns a life-long love affair from within the wrecked social experiment that is Apartheid South Africa. The adventure takes the young lovers to the ‘Garden of England’ and the great City of London, where rampant ambition and rude avarice trample carelessly over delicate liaisons and fragile emotions. In such a coarse, demanding environment, a comfortable rural retreat becomes an escape from the frenetic daily grind and an oasis of calm where their heartfelt commitments can be regularly rekindled and reinvigorated.
But their relationship is persistently challenged by the hugely cyclical fortunes of that great financial engine upon which they have become so dependent, and sorely tested by the political crises of the time which impact their life trajectories unavoidably.
In a minefield of such proportions who can tell friend from potential foe? Who can be relied upon for succour and support, and who can spot the disingenuous fraud from among the great heaving throng all around? How quickly can our young lovers absorb their new reality and learn to chart a path through such dangerous territory? How secure is their country retreat from intrusion? How safe is their relationship from malign influences and manipulation?
‘Her Bitter Release’ is a mystery thriller in the classic style, one which leans on the frailties and complexities of human nature and behaviours. It is a tale that mixes greed and passion, jealousy and lust, revenge and redemption, and which asks only that the reader takes nothing for granted.