Native American Literature

It’s nesting time for the alligators in Manasota State Park. When the rangers patrol Gator Hollow, a unique gathering hole for hundreds of the reptiles, they find several of the nests empty. Poachers have invaded the park.
Head ranger, Seth Grayson, a Seminole Indian, is a man who values his heritage but has chosen to live in the white man’s world.
A call to the Florida conservation commission for help brings in Officer Liz Corday. A devoted officer with trust issues in regards to men.
Together they take a small group out on a hike to Gator Hollow, where they discover partial remains of one of the poachers and more empty nests.
This discovery leads them on the trail of an interstate poaching operation. Seth and Liz will risk all, even their very lives, to bring these criminals to justice.