The Deceit

The deceit is a story of violence, sex, police corruption, blackmail and murder. The protagonist of the story (Jake) was born while his father was doing one of his many prison sentences. His father was a violent and alcoholic jailbird and refused to accept Jake as his own and would often give Jake terrible beatings when Jake was young. Jake swore revenge on his father for the beatings he also gave to his mother and four siblings. Jake was given a job by a local farmer after the farmer caught Jake stealing apples from his farm, an act which Jake took as kindness, but beware. Jake fell in love with the farmer’s daughter and it was the daughter who gave Jake his first taste of a woman’s charms. The farmer turned out to be a money lender and local gangster and this was where Jake met Slugger who would guide Jake into the early path of the shady side of life. Jake was eventually taken on by Alex, a sharp-dressed East End character. Alec made Jake his second in command at the local nightclub that he ran in the valley town where Jake grew up. Alex had an accomplice called Andy, who was a psychopathic monster, and he and Jake never saw eye to eye and had many brutal fights. Jake was eventually framed by Alex for robberies and murder, which Jake swore that he never committed (or did he?) and was jailed for life.