Money is the Root of all evil

Life, greed, America, Earth, space, people, and money! A 45 – minute climaxing Thriller. Putting it down is the hard part, clicking is easier, enjoy!

Technical facts about the most precious, most beautiful, and most wonderful planet in the galaxies. Earth!

Based on current events and experiences. Money is the Root of all evil was written after studying the initial habits, thoughts, and instincts of natural human beings. Learning about different cultures throughout Earth’s history is very intriguing. Their relationship to us involves much more violence, today, rather than then. The violence in this world, today, is nothing like ever before. A solution would be adequate. As that would be a great goal, it’s still not seen as something that would happen, nor anytime soon.

Money is the Root of all evil has everything from climax scenes, battles and wars, love, hate, passion, greed, envy, lust, and a satisfying epilogue to sum it all up! Please, enjoy! All and any kind of reviews are encouraging to all authors to dream