MARS NUKED – Modern Poems

“My First Book, filled in a Surreal Box of Delightful Dark Dystopian Modern Poems.” – Mukesh Gandhi

Take a trip through your mind and experience the weird and wonderful topics with poetry; some are dark, some have a dry sense of humour, and some have adult themes. There’s always one or maybe more that will make you think about life. So, welcome to the world of Mukesh Gandhi and his delightful dark dystopian book: MARS NUKED – Modern Poems. This book is a concept of how our Earth is heading into a similar nihilistic direction of artistic expressionism in poetry form.

The book cover illustration and internal illustrations are painted and drawn by the Author himself.

Available at Amazon worldwide in Paperback, Hardcover, Kindle eBook and Kindle Unlimited.

This Original Collection of Dark Dystopian Surreal Poetry book is a wonderful read and a perfect Gift for anyone, and is ideal for Adults, Students, Professionals, Teachers, Mum’s, Dad’s, Family, Friends and Poetry Lovers.