Darker Than Blue — This Mortal Coil

Will Boy Blue avoid a ten-year prison sentence after his discharge from a mental asylum?

Darker than Blue – a Mortal Coil is a dystopian story set in 2030 and takes place in the imaginary country Atlantis Island. Boy Blue, the antihero, is a psychiatric patient with seasonal depression and recurring nocturnal hallucinations in a mental asylum. He is 45 years old, darker than blue, tall, massive, and muscular, like a giant, and has struggled to get his life in order. He lost his parents at a young age and committed minor crimes in his teens.

Boy Blue faces ten years in prison for imaginary rape as soon as he is discharged from the asylum. The only way to avoid the sentence is to sign up for Dr Google’s vaccine program against the virus, a cover for a pharmaceutical company’s research on a cure to help young women with insufficient sensuality.

Boy Blue commits himself to the pink doctor’s program by signing up. He has high respect for Dr Google.

Then the word reaches Boy Blue that Dr Google will not keep his word. He becomes stressed and ambivalent.

And so the fate of Boy Blue, the giant, now swings into a pendulum.

Meanwhile, a dark force hangs over Atlantis Island and threatens democracy as presidential elections approach. The pink president aspires to be a tyrant and has the blessing of trolls and others. The race is between charismatic, nationalist incumbent DeeDee and social-democratic candidate Charlie Marx, billionaire and philanthropist. Both candidates are pink. Politicians expect the results to be close. Fear persists that the end of democracy could soon be near.