The Magical Adventures of Lori & Bonnie B. Bunny

The Magical Adventure of Lori and Bonny B. Bunny, by Elaine Blackstien and beautifully illustrated by the talented young Canadian Artist, Sydney Bocknek is a delightful chapter book suggested for children 6 to 12. However younger children love to look at the whimsical artwork and have the book read to them. Grown up kids of all ages including grandparents find it a delightful read.

One evening as Lori is dozing off she finds herself being lifted from her bed, floating through the air and landing in the middle of her favourite painting – a country lane surrounded by beautiful shrubbery and flowers. Her stuffed rabbit – Bonnie B Bunny is in her arms . Lori is greeted by talking birds. She says to her toy bunny. “The birds can talk”. Lori is shocked when Bonnie B. Bunny answers her, “thats because we are in a magical land and they are magical birds. OH BONNIE YOU CAN TALK TOO” Lori exclaimed.
“Yes isn’t it wonderful” she answered as she jumped out of Lori’s arms and excitedly started hopping about , tripping on her long ears in the process. “Come on Lori, lets go explore she said impatiently.

They discovered this to be a land of animals dancing and swaying to music emanating from a pink piano playing on its own and a land where children frolicked with the animas and shared a picnic with princesses.

Lori and her mischievous rabbit had wonderful adventures here. They shared a lunch with an indigenous princess, floated on the backs off swans , climbed a rainbow, met the man on the moon while floating on a cloud.
But not all was wonderful .Bonnie B,Bunny wandered close to the edge of the cloud to see if she could see the CN Tower. Lori shouted “Be careful or you will….”
Alas it was too late Lori’s beloved rabbit fell off the cloud on to another cloud travelling swiftly in the opposite direction. “Come back Bonnie Come back’ Lori cried hysterically.
Would Lori ever be reunited with her beloved bunny, and how would they get home???

This book was published by Notebook publishing in the U,K. It was launched in August 2021.
in the best seller marketing campaign with Amazon. It achieved Best Seller status in 28 categories in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and Japan

The Magical Adventures of Lori and Bonnie B. Bunny written by Elaine Blackstien has received many favourable reviews.