Justice Rides

Shot dead at the battle of Brown’s Mill in 1864, Elijah Jones, a sergeant in the 8th Regiment of Indiana Cavalry, learns that he has been recruited by an immortal being named Adrestia Rhamnousia to help dispense justice in a dark world.
As part of his preparation and training, Eli spends five years with the Texas Rangers, riding with Captain Bill McDonald, one of the greatest Ranger Captains of all time. He deals with the worst humanity has to offer — robbers, carpetbaggers, crooked lawmen, and the owner of a notorious New York speakeasy.
Follow Eli Jones as he makes the transition to the avenger known as Justice O. Peace.
“Justice Rides” is not just a story of illicit sex, cheating, and retribution. It is a story of hope, family, romance, and eternal love that spans over 75 years of US history. Saddle up, and enjoy the ride.