Amy’s Hunt (Solstice Quartet Book 2)

When history repeats itself, it will take both of them to break the cycle…

When her two-year long search for her older sister hits a wall, Amy Ngata returns to the scene of the crime: the burned-out village of the Whakamanu, the tribe of swan shifters she belongs to. There, she finds her mother’s diary and within it, the location of her mother’s clan along with a story that chills her to the bone: a missing sister, a father who won’t help, and a generations-long feud that has claimed lives on both sides. Once she arrives in Windsor, Nova Scotia, she finds history repeating again.

Marrok Lapan has read enough books to know his twin brother, Alpha of the Windsor wolf pack, is turning into the villain of their story. It’s his duty to protect the Pack, even from a tyrannical leader. After the Alpha commands the abduction of a swan daughter, Rok realizes he has to act, but with the wolves either terrified of their Alpha or devoted to him, any challenge will only end one way: with Marrok dead.

When Rok and Amy meet, an attraction neither of them can deny forces them together. If Amy can save her cousin, she’ll have a true family to spend the Solstice with. If Marrok can’t stop his brother, he won’t have a family. With the Solstice looming and secrets on both sides coming to light, they’ll have to trust each other to survive.