Chasing Time

A Literary Titan Gold Award winner, Chasing Time takes the reader on a thrilling adventure as history professor Tony Lucas pursues every possible means to save his wife from the throes of a crippling and deadly disease. With his last hopes fading, he learns that an ancient, time-bending key that he once discovered as a young boy may hold the secrets to a miracle cure. On his quest to find the key and unravel its secrets, he travels far and wide, from New York to the lush hills of Andalusia, unearths mysterious clues involving olive oil, and meets intriguing people who help him in his quest. Will he find the cure to his wife’s disease before it is too late? It’s a frantic race against time and death to save his beloved.
Chasing Time takes the classic medical adventure, historical fiction, and fantasy genres, and turns them all completely on their heads. With its sharp, precise, and witty style, Chasing Time is an engaging, must-read story like nothing like you have read before.