GRAVES: The Wicked Heart

Graves loves his job.
Even if there’s no sick leave, no paid vacation, and no benefits, there’s one thing ghost hunting has above every other normal, boring, occupation: killing. And a whole lot of it.
What else would Graves do with his sawed-off shotgun and magical greatsword than slaughter everything in his path? He’s not picking his teeth or signing peace treaties, that’s for damn sure.
But, in this first outing in the GRAVES series, the titular terror can’t just maim and gore his way to victory. While investigating a Nazi’s haunted mansion sounded simple and expected at first, it ends up being anything but. And, as Graves’ past catches up to him, he soon discovers that the stakes are higher than he could have ever predicted.
Yet to make a living, he has to do some killing, and Graves is more than happy to teach these sons of specters the meaning of death.