Silent Grief: To New Beginnings

The books main character, Arya Alexander loses her brother, father, and husband in a car accident. As Arya moves through life building her career as an interior designer, she lives with grief in the silence of her home. Her life takes a turn when she bumps into a stranger Jacob Ryan. Arya’s sexual desires for him grow stronger with each dream.
But with the memories of her late husband still filling her mind, can she get over the loses to open her heart again.
Jacob Ryan grew up with nothing, but with hard work and dedication, he became a mega real estate agent. Bellemere’s wealthiest and most eligible bachelor. He was once married to a woman who only wanted his money, making it hard to let someone in again. However, after bumping into Arya, he needed to find her. A woman with a scent so tantalizing, a body so mesmerizing that he could not stop thinking about her.
As Jacob and Arya’s paths keep crossing, will they meet? Will it be a happy ever after?
Read it to feel it!