Eve Of Pandora: Book 1 of The Pandora Series

Penny had always preferred quiet solitude.
Her life had been a slow and predictable one.
That was before the fire.
The fire changed everything.
Guided by the charismatic Kate Digby through a new world, Penny realises the legacy of her family and is forced to confront her own power.
Kate grew up hearing legends of the Light Bearers, but nothing could have prepared her for Penny’s beauty.
Kate and The Tribe will now educate Penny on the real history of the universe and the Eternal War, the one that humankind forgot, and can no longer see.
Penny must learn and train, must ready herself to face the Operator and his Assassin. She is destined to stand against the darkness as have all the Bearers of Light since the very first. And she was Olivia, the daughter of Eve. Eve who was brutally murdered by Adam in the horrific act which was the true, original sin.