There’s More To Her Than Meets The Eye

Harper Daniels was an intelligent college student who spent most of her life flying under the radar. She was a genius with a knack for science but downplayed her intelligence since the neighborhood kids always teased her for being smart. There was one person who didn’t have a problem with her intelligence: Mekhi Thomas. As her best friend since kindergarten, Mekhi had her back and would beat up anyone picking on Harper. He was her protector and Harper was his rider. On the outside looking in, everyone assumed there was more to their relationship than friendship including Mekhi’s big brother Zeke. However, Harper had a secret she was hiding from Mekhi that could either be a gift or the beginning of the end of their relationship.
Zeke did everything for Mekhi, including making sure his birthday was everything plus more by giving him a party at one of the hottest clubs in the city. The only problem was Mekhi’s best friend Harper wasn’t old enough to get in. Still stuck in her tomboy ways, even as an adult, Mekhi’s only birthday request from his friend was to dress like a girl for his party. Harper was determined to make good on her promise, even if it killed her. What happens next turns Harper’s world upside down when Zeke takes notice of her beauty. A sneaky link with her best friend’s brother wasn’t in the cards, but the heart wants what the heart wants. How long will they be able to keep their newfound relationship a secret? Or does their affair affect more lives than they expect?