The Perfect Holiday Disaster: Open your children’s hearts to the important life-skills of flexibility, adaptability and embracing the unexpected

Flexibility is an important life skill—introduce your child to this concept early with The Perfect Holiday Disaster!

When things don’t go according to plan, we have two options—get upset or roll with it!

This beautifully illustrated story offers children a lesson in patience and accepting things the way they are, even if it’s not as they imagined. The happy conclusion is designed to teach kids that even when the journey doesn’t go as planned, they can still enjoy themselves along the way.

Your child will love this sweet story of Yona, who has been looking forward to the family camping trip all year, only to find out that they are actually going somewhere other than the place she wants to go. After that, things go from bad to worse as every single plan she makes unravels for one reason or another. But Yona has learned coping skills that will help her moving forward, her entire life.

Help your child learn resilience and the ability to be flexible with this heartwarming, beautiful, family-oriented story!