Beast of Christmas Valley

The Beast of Christmas Valley is a contemporary “Beauty and the Beast” style romance about a reclusive hermit named Will.
Nicknamed the “Beast of Christmas Valley” due to facial scarring from a childhood accident, Will tends to hide his face from everyone—including himself. Solitude works just fine for him. Until he meets beautiful hairstylist Teagan Davis.
Slowly but surely, Teagan coaxes him out of his shell—and out of his cabin. For the first time in years, Will may have a reason to celebrate Christmas.
Teagan’s presence prompts many questions for Will: Should he rethink his life of solitude? Is he capable of accepting love? Will Teagan stay in Christmas Valley long enough for it to matter?
If you’re looking for a sweet holiday romance, grab a cozy blanket and a mug of chocolate and look no further! The Beast of Christmas Valley is available on kindle unlimited, and available for e-book purchase for $0.99.