Mafia Muse

Anna (Rothstein) Riccio, a non-violent Torch Club Singer, becomes a Nancy Reaganesque wife and Consigliera to her husband Salvatore Riccio, a Mob Boss. Anna finds her life evolving into that of a bloodstained confidante. This highly charged novel takes root in the 1940s and travels through the 1970s offering international female strategy and tactics. A passionate love story, guilt-free blood-soaked retribution, and this dangerous woman’s approach to the Gangster World, freshen the palate from what mobster stories of the past have offered.
Sarah Sager’s (pen name author) grandfather chauffeured a Windy City Mafia figure. She grew up hearing stories aboutthe ins and outs of the Chicago racketeering world to include a failed Mob hit on his famous limo passenger. Sarah documented all of her “Pop’s” stories and employed her writing skills to bring many of the tales to you in fiction form.