A Shepherd of Wolves

“…a crime drama that explores the disparate lives of a serial killer and the detective determined to catch him… Rather than the usual cat-and-mouse game expected in crime novels, A Shepherd of Wolves is an exploration of “why? …The story’s strength lies in the characters. Compelling and three-dimensional, with distinct voices and personalities, they’re eminently readable.” – Blueink Review

“King’s tale is somber and superbly understated…” – Kirkus Review

“This dynamic crime thriller plunges into the environmental and psychological forces that create villains and heroes.” – Booklife

Edmund Glass has never fit in. His neighbors find him odd and few have ever gotten to truly know him. After years of tempering his appetite, he finally gives in to the beast, taking a life and consuming the victim. Soon, he can’t control himself, taking victim after victim and leaving what’s left of the remains scattered around the small town of St. Anna, South Carolina. Detective Raymond Wright didn’t think a serial killer would ever show up in his hometown, but as Edmund’s body count grows, the detective must question everyone and everything if he’s going to catch a killer who is committing unthinkable acts.