Finding James

It’s been over eight years since Karen suffered the tragic loss of her brother, a death for which she still blames herself. Since then, she’s managed to shove away the pain and guilt, somehow slowly building a new life far from Easley. But she always knew the time would come when she’d be forced to leave Southern California and go back to her hometown, to stare truth in the face again. Could Karen have prevented James’ death? Was it truly her fault, and could she ever forgive herself, all the while living in the shadow of her mother’s obsessive drinking? Finding James is a heart-wrenching story about love, loss, addiction, faith and hope with a twist that will touch every reader. Nancy Blaha is married and lives in Anaheim, CA with her husband Jeff. For many years, both have involved themselves in drug and alcohol recovery groups, helping to set the backdrop for Nancy’s first novel.