Theo And Arthurs Adventures: The Boy with the Secret Superpowers

We all have a superhero within us.
Written in honour of all children who have lost a parent and have had to show superpower strength to help their loved ones around them.
Read all about Theo’s struggle, to care for his grieving mum or save his beloved hometown:

  • Theo’s only item left to him by his late father gives him superhero abilities.
  • An evil scientist tries to destroy his town as he searches for revenges!
  • Only Theo and his noble dog, Arthur, have the ability to stop him.

A book with twists and turns, who will win out?

Here’s what readers are already saying about this amazing children’s book:
“A great book to help kids realise their strength within.”– Mary
“My son never liked reading, and I couldn’t get him to put this one down!” — Dominic
“My daughter is already asking for a second one.” — Fiona
The perfect book for kids who struggle to read” – Mark