Asleep (Drifting) Book One: An early life spent in a flux of survival––a poignant, compelling story of extreme child abuse, betrayal, and adolescent delinquency is spell-binding! (Asleep Series 1)

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Born in New Mexico to an abusive and promiscuous mother, Robert faced a life no child should endure. His mother’s tirades and a constant stream of men created chaos and confusion in his young life. It stole the most precious part of his youth and threw him into a miserable world he only navigated with the help of a loving grandmother and aunt.
In Asleep, Robert takes you into his devastating world, introduces you to his life horrors, and fills you with a subtle rise of hope. If you dare, take a ride with Paul and learn about his rough and tragic story, how he found solace in all the wrong places. The rawness and innermost thoughts will at times scare you, make you cry, and even elicit an occasional laugh or two.
Most importantly, it will inspire those who love a story about redemption and hope. It shows how one man rises above the horrible hand he was dealt with and uses that misery to better humanity—a truly remarkable journey.
Praise for the first book in a three-part series: Asleep (Drifting) Book One.
“Robert Paul takes you through a journey that gives you a plethora of emotions. I was sad, scared, happy, and angry for him, and so on. His story pulls you in and has you living his experience right along with him. This book will stay with me for quite some time…. A must-read!” ––Barbara Davies, Retired Retail Supervisor
“All I can say is that when I started to read the book it was very captivating and interesting that I didn’t want to put the book down. It was very sad to read about the things that Robert Paul felt as a child and was heart wrenching to me since I could relate to some of the events. The book took me on a sad, yet magical journey through his life, that was sprinkled with hilarious episodes, which had me laughing out loud to myself. Asleep spoke to me in ways that were so intimate and moving that I was left with so many thoughts about my life’s journey. Thank you Robert Paul for touching me to the very core of my being!” ––Susan Lomelli
“From the depths of what felt like nothing, Robert Paul becomes everything. To be so raw with emotion and to not only survive but to learn and grow is remarkable. This book will have you facing various emotions and an understanding that this really is some people’s lives even today.” ––Amazon Customer