Change or Die:: Abuse to Addiction to Abundance. A powerful emotionally poignant true story written with humour and showing how life can be transformed.

This is a revealing true story that will engage, shock, and make you laugh. It begins in an impoverished environment of abuse and violence. Years of drinking eventually resulted in being sectioned in a psychiatric hospital as an alcoholic with mental health issues. After a number of months, I escaped from this hospital and managed to continue to make a complete mess of my life. At 34 I tried to stop drinking. Silly me! I ended up in a coma on my death bed with delirium tremors (DTs). This time I was sent to a rehabilitation unit where I was interned with alcoholics, drug addicts, criminals, and murderers. They provided the love support and encouragement I needed to turn my life around. I completed several degrees, set up a successful counseling/psychotherapy business for twenty-five years, and eventually travel the world teaching etiquette. The intentions of writing this book are not only to provide a compelling story but to impart with the psychological insights gleaned on my journey of recovery and give any reader who needs it hope and inspiration.