Unbelievable & Crazy Lawsuits

Unbelievable & Crazy Lawsuits presents you with 26 TRUE TALES from the courts of law. Prepare yourself to be astounded at the frivolous conduct of individual private citizens and large-scale business corporations alike.
If you have ever asked yourself the question “what does it take to get rich?” the answer crossing your mind has most likely not been “get yourself spilled with coffee!”. However, as a matter of fact, many strange situations, untimely incidents, and unthinkable accidents provide equitable chances for the opportunist to settle on a profitable resolution. The infamous story of how Stella Liebeck won almost $ 3 million in court over the calamity of a cup of hot liquid ending up in her lap is such a case. It is also just one of many stories of absurdity, shrewdness, and judicial expertise that Unbelievable & Crazy Lawsuits tells.