A Family In Trouble: Pete Jackson Private Detective

Captain Patterson has been a torn in Jackson’s butt for months, only this time he and his entire family has been put on a hit list, and who does he turn to for help? This case is part of a five book series that began with The Choosey Killer. So if you love nonstop action A Family In Trouble is for you. The characters include,
Pete Jackson- Army vet special forces going into law enforcement eventually starting his detective agency.
Pastor Marvin Davis(rev). Stated his own church during which he and Pete became close friends, so he started tagging along on cases.
Phyllis Boyd-Once a famous educator, forced out to a life of prostitution, only to be named chancellor of the college that black balled her.
Sarah Thompson- principal and founder of her school for gifted children. She and rev had a thing at one time, and she won’t let him forget it. Together they all form Jackson’s family and working together, they solve cases nobody else will touch. So for you to get the full impact you must stay up with the series. I promise you won’t be bored!