A simple mission
It was supposed to be a simple field mission for me. Curated by a former British PM, a US National Security Advisor and the German Chancellor I was supposed to gather intelligence about an Italian, with a side business as arms dealer, money launderer and trafficker.
Things get out of control
But things get out of control pretty quickly. Starting in Palermo, a series of incidents develop into a deadly trail through Europe and all the way to the United States.
A breathless hunt across Europe to the States
A breathless hunt is on and soon, my team finds itself being the prey of ruthless killers. After almost gotten killed, I’m certain, that we have a vicious mole in our organization.
A race against time and invisible enemies is on, which goes from Palermo, via Zürich, München, Brussels and Oslo. It all finds its peak in Washington D.C. in the wake of the US presidential elections, where there are powers at work which will crush anybody getting in their way.
I fight
I have to go into deep cover, to protect my team, fight the threat and find the traitor.
-J. J. Fauser