My Musings: My Enemy, My Savior, and Me

I am caught up in a war between the demonic forces of Satan and the good forces of God. I have chosen to be on God’s side. As a result of choosing sides, my enemy becomes Satan and his forces. These demonic forces have led the world into evil and are prowling the earth for souls to capture. I live on this earth with these unseen demonic forces, and they are messing with me. The battle is for my soul to either enjoy eternal life or condemnation.
I once was an enemy of God, and then I rebelled. I rebelled against Satan, the devil. I rebelled against the devil by accepting Jesus the Messiah as my Savior and, hence, was brought into the presence of God as holy and just. Subsequently, the devil personalized me as his enemy and started pursuing and harassing me.
The enemy endeavors to compromise my conviction and journey to be a true disciple of Jesus. My daily focus is to be filled with the Holy Spirit and do God’s will, whatever it may be. The enemy will endeavor to use all his wiles to prevent or discourage me from doing God’s will. This musing is a mechanism for me to readily identify the enemy’s schemes, isms, schisms and to dismiss them and focus on God’s will.