White House Usher: “Who Killed the President?”

Emery’s new book, a mystery novel, takes place in one of the more unique settings in existence: the White House executive residence, home of the First Family. Murder, romance, deceit, and a suspenseful struggle all ensue as the main character struggles to solve the case. Emery uses his in-depth knowledge of White House history and the inner workings of the private residence to create a thrilling murder mystery from an insider’s perspective.
The world is rocked by the sudden death of the President of the United States. Almost as shocking, details soon emerge implicating a member of the White House Ushers Office. The evidence seems overwhelming, and the case is soon considered as open and shut. If only the rest of the world knew how much more was going on behind the scenes. Read how Chief Usher Bartholomew Winston, a fifty-year veteran of the White House, works with investigators to uncover the truth, even if that means diving headfirst into dangerous political waters to find it.
About the Author:
Christopher Beauregard Emery served twenty-nine years in the federal government, maintaining a Top Secret clearance while working for the White House, U.S. Congress, Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Justice, where he served in a senior management role for the National Security Division, the agency responsible for serving as the liaison between the Attorney General and the Intelligence Community.