Black Pearl

March 1944, Nazi Germany needs to turn the tide of the war. Ahron Roth, captain of submarine U931, is ordered by Himmler to transport two SS officers and a new ‘super weapon’ to America.
The Atlantic crossing is full of dangers, from air and sea. Roth, battling both the enemy and the SS, is unwillingly drawn deeper into the plot, whilst questioning the actions of Germany and himself.
Somehow, he must outwit Admiral Sullivan, RN, who has a score to settle, plus the allied intelligence agencies who are tracking the elusive subs’ movements; but are unaware of the secret operation.
Can Roth save his boat, his crew and complete the mission? Can he get back home, back to Ginette, his French love?
Will the allies discover the plot, before it’s too late?
Will it be enough to stop the planned invasion of France?
Can an attack on American soil even succeed?