Magnetic : Again, just a girl!

Starting in the 40s, during World War II, a mother with her three children flees from East Berlin to West Germany in one night following a marsh by thousands of refugees when her only son dies. Her husband, the scientist Dolphy, arranges for his family a stay with business friends and trades his freedom for his family’s safety.

Moving on in the 60s, two of their daughters start a glamorous life in the film and model world in Paris. Forced through a great tragedy the girls move back to Germany living a happy family life in the 80s following the famous advertising slogan my house, my car, my boat.

Decades later, the off-spring, Vanessa’s dream to become a ballet dancer may be forever lost and Flo, Dolphie’s other grand-daughter decides to become a scientist inspired by her grandfather’s secret papers. She becomes a pioneer in flight engines while at the same time battling for the love of her life.