The Painting by Lory Lilian

Who Wants a New Variation to the Classic Romance of Elizabeth & Darcy? Discover How the Relationship of Elizabeth & Darcy Rekindle After Unintentionally Reuniting in Brighton!!
Do you love reading about classic historical romance?
Do you love Jane Austen?
If you answered yes, then you’ve got to keep reading!
One of the most famous works Jane Austen made was the story of Elizabeth and Darcy, Pride and Prejudice.
It’s been over two centuries since the book was published and it still remains not only one of the widely prescribed novels in schools but is also one of the readers’ favorites as well!
The characters and their situations are so realistic that they become like friends that you can return to over and over again.
But, what if I tell you that their love story has another twist?
Presenting The Painting which shares how Darcy, heartbroken for being so unchivalrous to Elizabeth, discovers a secret behind an old painting! In this book, you will discover:
How Elizabeth Copes With Guilt: She feels guilty for believing Wickham so readily making her accuse Darcy unfairly. The Unintended Reunion: After the disastrous proposal, they separate with heavy hearts but unexpectedly meet again in Brighton! The Truth Behind The Painting: Darcy discovers an old painting that led him to dig up his mother’s past along with his loyal friend, Bingley. The Long-Awaited Reconciliation: The reconciliation of Charles Bingley and Jane unfolds as they reunite in Brighton!
The horrible proposal resulted in great turmoil for Elizabeth and Darcy. They separated with heavy hearts. However, the guilty Elizabeth and the heartbroken Darcy unexpectedly reunite in Brighton! Tormented by old and new memories, they cross paths and slowly become reacquainted again.
Will their love find its long-deserved fulfillment?
What was the painting about?