Lightning Strikes Twice

Katherine Cornell-Madison had always been the reliable one in the family. As the eldest child, she strives to lead by example. Volunteering to help those in need and serving as a midwife for those less fortunate – she finds herself suddenly married to a man who is in need of help himself! When Katherine is beginning to develop a fondness for her new husband… she is left a widow.

Jeremy Bryant had nothing to offer a woman but his name. With meager funds, an unsteady income, and a job that took him away from home all the time – he was not the greatest catch – except for his looks! He’s handsome, hardworking and completely smitten with Katherine. Having delivered the beautiful widow to her sister, Carrie – has him suddenly wanting to win her affections.

Can a man with a vibrant personality mend her broken heart? Could Katherine be lucky enough to fall in love a second time around?

These standalone stories are sweet, clean romances designed to whisk you away. We believe in building a world that begins at the very core of what makes romance stories work – faith, hope, and love.

Come join us in the border towns of the Old West, where cowboys, lawmen, and small town workers not only end up with brides, but their perfect partner, too!

*This book was previously part of the Belles of Wyoming Series and has been edited to move it from a Victorian era to an Old West setting. The characters and plot have remained the same.