Draft Day: A Sports Romance

Draft Day: An Unforgettable Sports Romance Full of Lust, Love, and Dreams! (BALLERS & CURVES Book 1) 

A Dream So Close. Love Lost. Redemption.

Are you looking for a romance novel that will bring a spark of love and excitement into your world? 

This is it!

This baseball romance novel follows the story of a young, handsome, and prospective draft-pick pitcher.

Having worked hard his whole life, Joshua is now on the verge of having his dreams come true. He’s just about to start playing for Louisville Mammoths, his home-town, Kentucky’s own Major League Baseball team.

But before he can enjoy his hard-earned victory, Joshua is faced with an ultimate test. 

With his team’s draft selection coming up, Joshua finds out a difficult truth about his girlfriend. Faced with this astonishing knowledge, he is caught between life-changing situations. Joshua tries to stay professional, but the temptations are only growing…

His coach’s engaged daughter Gabriella seeks to distract Joshua, but will she succeed? Such a slippery slope…

Still, Joshua manages to give it his all on the pitch, which only makes Gabriella want him more!

Will Joshua manage to stay focused until the draft is released?

How will he react to Gabriella’s amorous advances?

Will she leave her fiancé?

Will her father – the coach, condone or approve of her and Joshua?

If you want to find out what happens with Joshua, his girlfriend, and Gabriella, hurry up and get your copy! The action is real for this amazing athlete who is facing a tough choice both in his professional and private life. 

This baseball romance novel for women will lift up your spirits and bring a spark of lust and love into your reading time! There’s nothing like a love story set against the backdrop of such an amazing sport and everything that comes with it…

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