Blank Canvas, How I Reinvented My Life After Prison

No matter who you are, no matter how bad things look, you can rebuild your life.
In 2012, Craig Stanland made a choice that would cost him everything. After exploiting the warranty policy of one of the largest tech companies in the world for almost a year, the FBI finally knocked on his door.
He was arrested and sentenced to 2 years of Federal Prison, followed by 3 years of Supervised Release, and ordered to pay $834,307 in restitution. He lost his wife, his homes, his cars, his career, and even his identity. He wanted nothing more than to die.
Blank Canvas is a meditation on our remarkable capacity to rebuild and reinvent our lives. Through powerful storytelling, it is a testimony that our greatest adversities do not have to be the end. Sometimes, they can be our greatest beginning.
James Altucher, best selling author of Skip the Line, Choose Yourself and Reinvent Yourself has this to say about “Blank Canvas”:
“Craig has lived a story NOBODY would ever want to live. I was riveted to each page because I kept asking myself, “How would I handle this?” and I didn’t know the answers. Craig takes us into hell, and then we ride with him on the journey back. Great story, great writing, great human being.