Will You Save Me

Is it possible to meet your soulmate as a teen? Is it possible to find each other after years have passed? Alyson Parker has a haunted past. She lived in hell for over a year and has kept it from everyone that knows her. Until she is in a car accident and her first love comes back into the picture to care for her and he see’s a timid scared women replacing the girl he once knew. What happened to her and what has made her this way? Josh Avery is a man who ran to another state for college to get away from the first love he couldn’t be with. Recently returned, his first love Alyson needs someone to care for her. Can he keep his feelings hidden? Can he discover what’s happened to Alyson to make her this way? Can he get away from his past of being a player? Can love reunite? Or will Alyson’s past keep her from letting Josh back in? Can he save her or can they save each other?