TEXAS DEAD, the new mystery thriller by author William Gensburger.

The body of a respected financial analyst is found dead in an alley downtown Corpus Christi, the fifteenth murder of the year. Classy detective, Mackenzie Michaels, known as Maxie, a celebrity for her stellar track record of solving murders, as well as her pure Texan charm, is on the scene with her partner, Detective Kobe Jameson. What they uncover leads to a complicated investigation of corruption reaching far into the administration, and a risky gambit on their part to solve the crime(s) and save the day.
“A funny, shocking, and engaging thriller … the perfect introduction to a powerful new thriller series and an equally powerful protagonist and lead detective fans can get behind. A novel that’s imagery really makes the narrative feel like a network show that is meant to be seen, the novel proves to be the perfect starting thriller of the 2021 Summer reading season. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today.” ~Anthony Avina, Author & Reviewer
“Mystery & Crime lovers, I suggest you don’t miss this one. I got hooked within the first few pages. There are more twists and turns than in a corkscrew right to the end.” ~JC Ryan author of the best selling Rex Dalton thriller series. www.Jcryanbooks.com
“The story is fast paced and well condensed by the author In addition to the fine character portrayal of Mackenzie, her partner, Kobe Jameson, a Jamaican man, is equally well painted, and the interaction of the two detectives makes for an excellent combination in exploring murder – and making the story humorous.” ~Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame Top 100 Reviewer
“…I was totally hooked and could not put it down.
The book has good suspense and an interesting backdrop and story line. I loved the ending….. tell me more!!!!! Very interesting characters, I could picture each of them, I particularly liked Jameson…. Can’t wait for the next Mackenzie Michaels mystery…..”
~Jane Blomstrand, Author, ‘Meet the Principal: My Journey Beyond the Curriculum’