Mailbox Metal

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Drunk and coked, a famous heavy metal drummer and his sidekick hurl down a country road with the loud music of Stone Temple Pilots filling the truck. Trouble ensues when one of the misfits attempts the world’s fastest U-turn.
Author bio: Sal Nudo is the author of several books and has written numerous articles for various publications including Illinois Alumni magazine and the Mahomet Citizen newspaper.
He was the third-place recipient in 2015 of the Marian and Barney Brody Creative Feature Article Writing Award in Journalism from the College of Media at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He earned a master’s degree in journalism in 2016 from the same college.
His novella, “The Newspaperman,” was selected as a Book Excellence Award Finalist by Literacy Excellence Incorporated and received the October 2018 Literary Titan Book Award (5 Gold Stars).
Nudo is also a 2019 National Novel Writing Month winner.