Poetry From Pain: A Black Man’s Story

This isn’t your average poetry book. This is a collection of poems about pain, injustice, and adversity – as written by someone who knows these feelings all too well. Growing up in South London, Maximus had two choices to make.

Accept his lot in life, and deal with the racism, the prejudice, and the disrespect awaiting him every day. Or turn his pain into storytelling, education about the struggles people are still facing today, and to give a voice back to those who feel like their voice has been taken away.

Inside the pages of this book you will go on a journey with Maximus, from his struggles as a young black man, unable to find his way in life, to a storyteller living in the Middle East, and finally to a person who has learnt to accept their pain and transform it into something beautiful. Go with him, and become empowered, enthralled, and eternally hopeful for a better tomorrow. The future is uncertain, however with Maximus’ calm and resilient words, ‘the future is ours’.