When a family lose everything what is left? The only thing they have now is each other! Steve is a good man, but the trials and tribulations of life are almost insurmountable. Without the help of kind strangers would they make it back from the brink?
They travel together on a road that is paved with promises of a new start, but it is a path that is filled with pitfalls and hidden dangers. They find Sanctuary, finally safe, but all is not as it seems. His time here could change everything, but will it be for the better?
With the scars of journey cutting deep the weary pair finally make it, however, after another wretched evening, the worst happens, they are more vulnerable than ever. The true dangers of the night expose themselves. What will befall Steve and his traveling companions, what fate awaits them?
Steve is homeless and has been for many years. He has navigated the streets with his wife Mandy but their adventure is just beginning. Tired of their nomadic lifestyle they have committed to each other to start again. This is their journey, the people they meet and the influence they have may save more than themselves.