The Militant

The Militant is a tale of decadence. It is moral decay, a nihilistic tour de force which takes a man of faith on a journey that will dissolve his understanding of the world, his appreciation of his former illusions, and ultimately, his humanity.

Victor Hamilton is a physicist researching time travel for the Department of Defense. But Victor is not the sort of man one would expect to be in such a prestigious position, because his well-being and mental health had been thoroughly derailed early on by a senseless personal tragedy for which he blames himself. And it is not merely Victor’s mental health that is slipping away, because his once cherished religious convictions are departing as well. Victor had always been a man of faith. But gradually, upon seeing the wielding, winding horrors of life unfold all around him, he begins to question it all. And as his disenchantment grows, he will come to antagonize his former beliefs in brutal, depraved ways. Victor’s entire religious evolution is depicted—from ardent believer, to pained Christian, to angry agnostic, and at last hurdling into a violent, nihilistic atheism that strikes at the heart of Christianity itself.

Will Victor become consumed by his own empty depravity? Or will he succeed in his callous, vile mission?

Inspired by Black Metal.