Master Winning Habits: Easy and Effective Habits for a Happy, Healthy & Stress-Free Life

Are you going through life in a rut with no way to get out? Feeling like your routine of negative thinking and bad habits are ruining your life? Even the most confident among us will struggle in their seemingly perfect lives. That’s what life is. Struggle. Your bad habits and negative thinking are protection against the big bad world out there. Have you struggled with bad habits that feel impossible to break? Years of smoking or drinking can lead to physical addiction that will feel nearly impossible to break, but your bad habits give you those evil temptations and make you reach for your coping mechanism even though part of you know it’s wrong. This is your Ego. Your Ego loves your bad habits and will convince you that you need them. If you are plagued with bad habits and want to get rid of them, then Master Winning Habits will help you stop those negative habits by showing you how habits form and how you can control them. You will learn valuable lessons that will teach you how to change your thought patterns from hurtful to helpful and build positive and healthy habits. What have you always dreamed of doing? Quitting an addicting habit like smoking or drinking? Losing weight before a big family event? Getting ahead at work and making more money? Overcoming your shyness and meeting new friends or a new relationship? All of these and more are possible with a bit of work and dedication. In order to tear down those nasty habits, you need to learn how a habit starts and how it can make you want something that is bad for you. Find out how and why your habits have such a powerful grip on you. You’ll take a deep look at your life, both external and internal, and find out where any negativity is coming from and how you can distance yourself from it. When you look in a mirror, do you like what you see? The majority of us would say no. Even the most confident individuals will have flaws and bad habits. The only difference is they already know the lessons you will learn in this book. More than likely, when you look at yourself in the mirror, you’ll find that the largest source of negativity is coming from you. That’s OK. Now that you recognize the source, you can begin to root out the bad habits while learning powerful winning habits to replace them. Along the way, you’ll learn how to create powerful affirmations that you will use to build up your confidence and get you the life you have always dreamed about. Learn how to calm down from a stressful situation in minutes. Gain a better sense of self and other vital life skills that you can use to help you build winning habits.With some hard work, dedication, a bit of fun, and practice, practice, practice, you’ll form one of the best habits of all. The habit of forming winning habits.