Going Places: Why You Should Travel

COVID-19 has temporarily derailed world travel, but when the pandemic ends, it will return greater than ever. This exciting book on travel is your ticket to planning your next great adventure!

Are you ready to explore the world?

Jason Glavin knows what it takes to make your travel fantasies a reality. Having traveled to 40 countries including every continent, he guides the reader through the process of planning, booking and enjoying amazing travel adventures.

In Going Places: Why You Should Travel, you will discover:

•The Benefits of Travel
•Reasons to Travel
•The History of Travel
•Overcoming Barriers to Travel
•Getting the Most Value for Your Travel Dollar
•Deciding Where to Travel
•Countries to Avoid
•Traveling the World, Continent by Continent
•Traveling with Family
•The Future of Travel

Let Jason’s wit and expert commentary guide you through each chapter, which combines information, wisdom, advice and amusing personal travel stories.

There is no better time to travel than now. Are you ready to take the plunge?