Behind The Mirror: 26 Extraordinary Journeys

We all have our own journey to live, however, it is so pleasing to be able to help provide, what I hope is a helpful guide for others. Reading these stories from people that have experienced life challenges of loss, abuse, divorce, rape, mental illness, loss of a parent, child birth, finding love, marriage, and happiness can serve as a reminder that we are not alone in our own journey. These journeys beg to be read by anyone that discovers this book. Behind The Mirror is a genuine account of life experiences and perseverance. This book can be a tool in your toolbox that helps keep your life house standing and strong. It will give you an opportunity to learn, grow and provide a challenge when you’re stagnant. It can also help you avoid obstacles you may not have otherwise recognized. This book is an opportunity for you to be empowered, uplifted and inspired. Buying this book will provide a percentage of the sales to be given to local organizations to help women with mental health issues along with abused women and children. This is the first book in the series of Behind The Mirror books and the second edition will focus on the journeys of men. By buying this book you also have an opportunity to be in the third edition if chosen to share your journey to help the next person. This book is an easy read to be reminded dreams do come true and we all can help each other by taking the time to share our experiences to help the next person.