10 Secrets to Dominate a Football Combine: An Agent’s Perspective

Do You Want to Make a Professional Football Team?

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Debut Author – Jayevan Foster, dives deep into the secrets of how to dominate a football combine! 

Here’s How You Can Prepare for The Combine And Go From Amateur to Pro!

Whether it’s the NFL, CFL, or any other combine, it is one of the most crucial moments of your career. Your professional future is determined in just a few days.

It’s a challenge that most players cannot overcome.

How prepared are you to face that challenge?

What You Cannot Find Online: Jayevan Foster’s game-changing football combine guide is here to help you dominate the scouting combine and make it to The Draft with 10 little-known secrets from an agent’s perspective.

This is the first book to highlight Key Factors that will give you a spirited advantage over your peers. It’s time to level the playing field! Dont let common mistakes leave you off these teams’ draft boards. 

Talent and Strength will only get you so far. For An Insider’s insight, read this book and…


    • Discover 5 On-The-Field Tips for Success


    • Use 5 Off-The-Field Tips to Improve Your Chances


    • Learn How to Ace The Interview And Make A Great First Impression


    • BONUS – Create An Impressive Highlight Tape


    • BONUS – Get Pointers From Professional Players in The League


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10 Secrets to Dominate a Football Combine: An Agent’s Perspective. 

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