Out of Time by L. Albano

On what should have been a typical Monday morning in the business district of Starbanks, Rae Stevens and her co-workers are faced with a workday they’ll never forget. Held captive inside the building they work with no explanation as to why, they band together to try and figure out what exactly is going on. As police and emergency vehicles surround the premises, their fear escalates as they try to solve the mystery behind why they can’t leave.
When Detective Kevin O’Hallaren and his partner are called to the scene at the Pineville Building, they spend the day trying to piece together who is responsible for this bomb threat. The unknown assailant has given instructions that no one can come in or out, leaving the detectives hardly any clues to solve this puzzle. With no access to the inside and minimal leads, Kevin takes a leap of faith in order to save the people in the building before they run out of time. Little does he know…things aren’t always what they seem.