Get Rich or Get Lucky

A humorous fast paced Urban Fantasy Acton Thriller, set in current day London.
Adam is on a mission to get rich before he hits forty, by renovating rundown houses. By chance he discovers a book of magic in the basement of a derelict property he acquires for renovation. While experimenting with spells with his friends Dick and Charlie, in his back garden, he inadvertently turns his Dick into a crayfish. Unable to reverse the spell immediately, he leaves Dick in the garden pond. He decides to go for a drink with Charlie, to soothe their nerves, while looking for a solution, but the pond gets flooded when it rains heavily and Dick disappears.
Dick’s wife Rachael reports him missing to the police, who come looking for him. Before Adam can reverse the spell, his house is burgled and the book gets stolen. Adam must recover the book to stand any chance of bringing Dick back and stop the police from pinning Dick’s murder on him.
Adam finds himself in a race against time when he discovers that a powerful evil warlock Bruce is also looking for the book.